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Welcome to Rockiní J Longhorns. We are located in North-Central Kansas near the small town of Downs right off highway 24. We strive to have some of the very best registered Texas Longhorn cattle for sale at all times.

Where do you go for top quality cattle? Rockiní J Longhorns. Here at RJL we are different than most other Longhorn breeders in that Longhorn Cattle are our business and bread maker. So we have to make sure our cattle are the best of the best to compete in this industry. Our cattle have to pay their way and be top of the line producers as there is no room on the bottom line for a cow that hits and misses!

Our number one goal has been to produce the highest quality Texas Longhorns possible that exemplify what we strive for. We are proud of our herd and the kind of producers they are. We strive for the total package animal with Horn, conformation, disposition, and color. We have 100% confidence in our herd and the genetics we have built that they will live up to those high standards and go far beyond.

Our herd is built on the best foundation possible with the World renowned McGill/Wilson herd. We are taking on their already proven 38 year award winning track record and breeding them for the future. We are proud to say that every animal in our herd goes back to their foundation. Most of you know the World Record Breakers that have been produced over the years and that the leading number of over 70" and 80" T2T horned cattle have come off their ranch. It is our greatest honor to take them another 38 years.

Our Senior herd sire is the World Famous and Record Holder, Trail Dust 40. We have been more than pleased in what that bull is producing and he is the most used herd bull in our lineup. For the past couple years he has not only been used on our ranch, but also on the McGill/Wilson ranch in our partnership with them. We know that within the next few years we will see some of the best cattle he has ever produced as the new rising stars in the industry.

Joshua Cashman has built this ranch - Rockiní J Longhorns - from the ground up. It is now a full time ranch that produces all itís own hay and feed for the cattle. We feel that nutrition is the most important part of any successful breeding program and we cut no corners or expense on our outstanding health program. Our hay, mineral, and vitamin program was created to maximize their growth.

Please give us a call or drop us an e-mail if you have any questions about our operation or cattle we have for sale. If youíre ever in the area our door and pasture gate is always open to visitors.

Rockin' J Longhorns
Home of World Horn Champion
Trail Dust 40
107" TH 9-Time World Record Breaker


Rockin' J Longhorns - Texas Longhorns in Kansas
Texas Longhorns in Kansas

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